Fire Safety Education

FIRE is one of human’s oldest enemies and it remains a threat.

Many jobs in housing, safety, construction, transport, require a basic understanding about FIRE.

This is not to gain a technical background but enough to “know what you don’t know”. So that you can be alert – ask the right questions – know what to do and what not to do – fulfil your responsibilities – and above all stay safe.

Helped by people that really do understand FIRE we have put together in a straightforward way some information to try and assist you. 

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All of this information is offered freely on a single person basis to view without obligation or cost in good faith to try to improve understanding. The responsibility for use must remain with you because only you know the circumstances, situation or risk that is in your thinking or area of responsibility.

You are also seriously advised to consult and seek professional support before trying to apply this understanding in practice. In the UK many responsible and competent organisations often with third party assurance can be found in the membership of the Fire Sector Federation.

This information is provided strictly for personnel use. It is protected and cannot be used without consent for multiple viewing or in any form of commercial programme without agreement and a small contribution. If you wish to explore the possibilities of using the material for formal learning or training please contact [email protected] +44 (0)1244 323177